Deeba Trek

With summer approaching and hotels getting booked for the season it's time to tell you what we can offer you which is not famous but ancient and sacred.

2/18/20233 min read

First of all, our deepest condolences with the families of the deceased who lost their lives in the earthquake that occurred recently in Turkey and Syria. Though they don't believe in our culture, on this great day of Maha Shivratri we pray for all of them and wish for speedy recovery of the survivors. We are especially running a campaign for the Syrian people because we all know in which circumstances the people in Syria are forced to spend their lives. And now after this tragedy one can only expect a more crucial low grade living standard, in a place which was already suffering due to war between powers who don't care about the needy people and aim just to attain their propaganda through whatever means possible. It took me a while to gather power and write after hearing this news as even we don't feel prepared for encouraging tourism, imagining what all people are going through.

With global support Turkey will survive this tragic loss and soon they will transform their cities but what the Syrian Territory will suffer is unimaginable with less or no support from the outside world their situation will get worse day by day. Even if someone wishes to help them individually it's not a guarantee that it will reach the correct destination. We feel it's best to route our support through our government program who are currently handling those areas. There's not much to say about Mahashivratri as you can find numerous information about this holy festival which is celebrated all across India. You can find various reports coming from various different cities where people are keeping fast on this particular day and are waiting in lines in front of temples so they can offer milk and fruits to Shiva Linga ( God Shiva) on this holy day.

With summer approaching and hotels getting booked for the season it's time to tell you what we can offer you which is not famous but ancient and sacred. Today I will inform you about the most unique one in a kind trekking destination in Pauri Garhwal which will give you a chance to explore on a whole different level which one can't even imagine. You may not find any appropriate / reliable information about this destination online as this is a place which is still not discovered by known travelers or explorers. But soon this place is going to make its way in the list of one of the most important sites in the state of Uttarakhand as declared by the tourism minister of state.

This place offers a one in a kind trek which is done after sunset and one has to walk till night to reach the top. After staying the whole night at the top in a dense sacred place one can experience a sunrise of a lifetime and then with the first beam of the sun you proceed back to your base. Believed to be done barefoot it is suggested to trek this place in summers for ease and best experience. One can not consume alcohol during this holy trek and is not friendly for all religions.

Deeba Mata Mandir also known as Debba trek listed as Rasulan Deeba Mandir near Jharpalli is an ancient goddess temple who is believed to be a caretaker / protector of the people residing in nearby mountains and valleys. There is a story about the origin of this place which is not confirmed but believed by everyone living there. So to reach there you need to leave for Pauri, Uttrakhand. After reaching the major market of Satpuli which comes after 40 km from Kotdwar, be alert on the roads and as soon as you reach Pathisen now it’s time to focus on the road and soon after you will see a right diversion going upwards towards Chaubattakhal. After reaching Chaubattakhal take right towards Devrajkhal Road and continue till Gawani. After reaching Gawani, take off road towards Salaan for about 6 km and then continue for another 3 km till you reach Jharpalli. Now it’s time to leave your vehicle and start your trekking journey. With approx 5 hours of trek in dense mountains you will not regret it as the dawn which is coming will fill your day with joy and completeness. It is proposed to leave around 4 pm and one must carry basic items for survival like water, food, blanket, medicines etc.

As the season is coming, here is a destination on your itinerary that you must include. For historical importance of this place you can refer to the internet as we don’t certify someone else information. Next time we will tell suggest you another must visit destination during your journey in the Lands of God’s