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We would like to provide you with essential information to consider when planning your next spiritual tour in India.

3/13/20232 min read

We extend our heartfelt wishes for a joyous Holi celebration. Holi is a widely recognized festival celebrated worldwide. While some may be familiar with its name, others envision vibrant scenes of people joyfully throwing colors at each other. Describing the celebration of Holi in India is a challenging task, as different regions have their unique ways of commemorating this occasion. To truly experience the essence of this festival, it is essential to wholeheartedly participate, allowing you to witness the diverse traditions associated with this significant day. It comes as no surprise that a large number of tourists visit India every year to partake in this extraordinary event, ensuring an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

Today, we delve into the significance of honoring departed individuals, a vedic ritual that extends to anyone who departs from our lives, evoking feelings of grief. In ancient literature, a poignant story exemplifies this concept. Jatayu, a bird renowned for his selfless bravery, valiantly fought against Ravana to protect Lord Ram and Sita. Deeply moved by Jatayu's sacrifice, Lord Ram embraced him as a father figure, transcending his biological form. To pay homage, Lord Ram performed the sacred vedic ritual of Pind Daan or Sharad. This tale emphasizes that the nature of our relationship with those we grieve is not the sole determining factor. What truly matters is the profound love and affection we hold for them. Whether they were a teacher, gardener, driver, neighbor, or anyone with whom we shared a connection, if they are grappling with loss and grief, we can demonstrate our gratitude and respect through these rituals.

Now, we would like to provide you with essential information to consider when planning your next spiritual tour in India. While heartfelt donations are always appreciated, following a systematic process and keeping certain factors in mind during this process can be beneficial. Below is the significance of each day:

Day 1: Starting day of Pitru Paksha.

Day 2: Counted as 1st day. Suited for those seeking a charming wife.

Day 3: Designed for individuals who have a fondness for daughters.

Day 4: Customized for individuals who envision a horse being a part of their life.

Day 5: Endorsed for individuals seeking the presence of small animals like rabbits.

Day 6: Recommended for those who have a desire to raise a male child.

Day 7: Well-suited for individuals aiming to work on their appearance and self-improvement.

Day 8: Ideal for those aiming to elevate their farming practices.

Day 9: A great choice for individuals desiring a business that flourishes.

Day 10: Customized for individuals who prioritize the good health of their equine companions.

Day 11: Geared towards ensuring the comfort and well-being of bovine animals.

Day 12: Ideal for those aiming to ensure the purification and prosperity of their household items.

Day 13: A top choice for individuals seeking substantial growth in terms of material wealth.

Day 14: Ideal for those pursuing a path that leads to respect and recognition within society.

Day 15: Remember and honor those who met untimely deaths by accident or other unfortunate circumstances.

Day 16: Consider a solution if you miss any of the above dates. This day of New Moon is ideal for performing rituals seeking overall growth.

Kindly take note that the tour timings might fluctuate, usually spanning from 12 to 24 hours.

Now we have specific dates for 2024, making informed decisions for your spiritual tour will be easier. If you plan to visit during the summer season, we recommend finalizing your trip as soon as possible, as many desirable rooms with picturesque views are already booked, and Char Dham pilgrimage bookings have reached full capacity.